Personalized Weight Loss Coaching

Clova’s weight loss coaching program utilizing advanced Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) offers personalized coaching to achieve optimal weight loss result with or without GLP-1 meds.

Wellness Coaching

Monitor glucose levels, blood pressure and other wellness parameters in individuals who may be at risk for metabolic disorders, providing coaching for behavior changes to prevent the development of these conditions.

Nutrition Tracking

Track the impact of different foods on blood glucose levels and calories intake, helping individuals to optimize their diet for better glucose & weight control and overall wellness.

Exercise Optimization

Track the impact of different types and intensities of exercise on calories exhausted and glucose levels, helping individuals to optimize their exercise routines for better weight & glucose control.

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Sleep Optimization

Track the impact of sleep on glucose levels and weight to identify factors that may be interfering with sleep quality, helping individuals to improve their sleep habits for better wellness.

Stress Management

Help individuals to better understand the impact of stress on their weight & glucose levels and develop strategies for managing stress to improve overall wellness.

Blood Pressure

Track blood pressure and understand correlations between different factors to adjust lifestyles for achieving optimal cardio health and prevent or control hypertension.

CGM helps individuals monitor their blood glucose levels throughout the day, which can be helpful in identifying patterns and triggers for overeating or consuming high-carbohydrate meals. By understanding how their diet affects their blood glucose levels, individuals can make more informed choices about what they eat, and make adjustments to their diet as needed.

CGM can also help individuals stay accountable and motivated. By seeing the real-time impact of their food choices on their blood glucose levels, individuals can feel more connected to the consequences of their choices, which may help them make healthier choices over time.

CGM helps in identifying and addressing underlying issues with insulin resistance or other metabolic issues. By tracking blood glucose levels over time, individuals and their healthcare providers can identify patterns or trends that may suggest an underlying metabolic issue that needs to be addressed.

In a randomized controlled trial published in the journal Obesity in 2018, researchers assigned overweight or obese adults to either use a CGM device for 12 weeks or to a control group that did not use the device. The participants in the CGM group lost significantly more weight than those in the control group, and they also showed improvements in their blood glucose control.

A study published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics in 2019 examined the use of a CGM device in combination with a structured weight loss program in overweight or obese adults with type 2 diabetes. The participants who used the CGM device lost significantly more weight than those who did not, and they also showed improvements in their blood glucose control and other metabolic parameters.