Quick Start Guide

Step 1. Join Clova coaching membership and request Rx for CGM.

Step 2. Purchase a CGM from your pharmacy. Amazon Pharmacy online tends to offer the same models at the lowest price including shipping.

  • Two Freestyle Libre CGM models are available today, and both last 14-days.
  • Libre 2 has been on market for 6 years, it does require constant scanning with Libre App to receive readings. It reads every 15 mins. Every scan will retrieve data for the last 8 hours, so you would lose one hour of data if you have not scanned for 9 hours.
  • Libre 3 is just launched in late 2023, its smaller and offers automatic readings every 5 mins, no more scanning. Since it’s new, it tends to read more hypo range glucose values below 70, especially in the first 24 hours.

Step 3. Activate the CGM with its manufacturer’s App. CGMs normally require 60min warm-up time.

Step 4. Download Clova mobile coaching App, signup and set up the App.

  • Under “Settings”, then “Bluetooth Devices”, select the CGM and wearables you want to connect.
  • Click on Apple Health or Goggle Fit if you want to use them to track your exercise activities.

Step 5. Connect the CGM by entering the same login info as for the CGM manufacturer’s App. It may take up to 30 mins to sync CGM data from the manufacturer’s App.

Step 6. Start tracking your meals and exercise for AI driven wellness coaching. Texting us on the App if you have any questions with setting up.