Coaches, Health & Wellness

Position Summary:

Clova Health specializes in AI-based wellness coaching for metabolic health including diabetes, obesity and pre-diabetes population with the support of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices and other common health wearables including Apple Health and Google Fit.  It offers the advantage of real-time data-driving artificial intelligence for advice on behavior changes including diet, exercise, and other factors.


  • Working with customers using AI data from CGM to help them achieve their goals of glucose or weight control.
  • Working with customers setting goals, creating foundational habits, mindset shifting, educating on nutrition and exercise to a high degree with support of CGM.
  • Following up with customers via emails to periodically, and providing updates to customers on a needed basis in nutrition & exercise and mindset.
  • Having 1-1 Calls with customers on a needed basis.
  • Providing insightful feedback to continually improve the process and implement new ideas effectively and efficiently.


  • Experience with diabetes education, or nutrition or fitness is preferred.
  • Experience in customer service is required.
  • Effective communicator with good oral and written skills.
  • Proficient with basic office computer programs such as Word and Excel


Work remote, flexible hours, part or full time.

To apply: send your resume to